What People think of Us

We pride ourselves on providing professional, trustworthy, and top-notch bookkeeping services for your business. We appreciate all of the client's feedback and continue to improve.


"FANTASTIC! She is so knowledgeable and patient and kind. She is a Quickbooks expert and bookkeeping wizard. Her ability to explain everything and break it down into simplified terms is really helpful (especially when talking numbers). She always goes above and beyond for her clients and colleagues. I wouldn't trust anyone more with handling my books than Haley!"

"Very professional at helping organize your business. I would suggest here to anyone looking to get an honest look at their books. She will help with getting items in order for your accountant, along with your plans for future growth. Highly recommended!"

"Thrive Bookkeeping helps businesses with their bookkeeping efforts. She relieves business owners of the burden of bookkeeping so that they can concentrate on more important tasks and that is very valuable."

"Thrive Bookkeeping takes care of the books so we can focus on our patient care. Can't recommend them enough!"

"Thrive Bookkeeping and it's head bookkeeper Haley, provide an outstanding service. They are committed to the growth and wellbeing of their clients and demonstrate this by developing a customized, thorough, and personal plan and relationship with their clients. They not only prove to be a valuable service to their clients but model that through integrity and transparency of business practices. Thank you for creating a higher standard of bookkeeping for our community!"

"I have known Haley of Thrive Bookkeeping for over a year and has been a great resource for my business. Now that I have started working with her, I am confident my business is on the right track and with her, by my side, I will be prepared for everything. The attention to detail organized process, & making everything easy for me."